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About Rutland
The Town of Rutland Massachusetts was founded in 1713 and is located in Worcester County which is the geographic center of the Commonwealth.

Rutland contains about 7000 year round residents.

Today Rutland is a residential hill town.

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Organic No-Till & Intensive Vegetable Production: Tools & Techniques
We anticipate the workshop to fill up quickly, pre-registration well ahead of time is highly recommended. For more information contact Glenn Oliveira, Education Events Organizer, at or 774-678-9644. Description: Learn techniques for intensively growing vegetables using organic no-till practices on a commercial scale from Bryan O'Hara, owner and farmer at Tobacco Road Farm in Lebanon, CT. Liz Joseph, Heifer Farm garden manager and host for our workshop, will provide a tour of the Heifer Farm organic gardens where she has implemented intensive no-till vegetable production techniques over the last five years. During this day-long workshop, Bryan will provide mountains of details in the concise, practical and cohesive manner that we have come to appreciate from him over the years. He will take participants through his whole production system, which has been profitable and sustainable for over 20 years. Learn about the various steps of a no-till transition: - Assessing the perennial weeds that are established - Killing preceding crops and reducing residues - Creating weed-free seed beds - Controlling weeds - Applying fertility - Increasing biological activity and diversity - Seeding appropriately - Interseeding and cover cropping Far from a broad abstract view of production systems, Bryan will cover in great detail the various tools and techniques he has honed over his last two decades of production. Bryan will also focus on building soil and fertility; multi-cropping; cropping schedules; mowing; solarizing (using plastic to scorch crop residue); weed-free composting; mulching; broadcast seeding; weed and pest control; irrigation; harvest techniques; and efficient decision making tips. Good business techniques like tracking crops, how to get the right dollar amount per crop, and how to make the right decision at the right time for overall profitability will also be covered. About Instructor Bryan O'Hara and Host Liz Joseph: Bryan O'Hara has been Growing vegetables at Tobacco Road Farm in Lebanon, CT for 25 years. The couple acre farm that he has been farming intensively, four-seasons a year, has provided a living for Bryan and his family. After many years of organic soil building practices Bryan started to experiment with no-till systems at Tobacco Road Farm, fully transitioning to no-till in 2013. So far the results have been tremendous, better yields, less pests, less weeds and more time spent on harvesting than on weeding! Liz Joseph works at Heifer Farm in Rutland, MA, managing the organic gardens, beekeeping and maple sugaring. Known as Liz Jo around the farmyard, she enjoys all things farming as well as learning new skills, cooking (and eating!), writing and laughing. Lunch: Lunch will be served from 12:30 to 1:30pm and will feature vegetables grown right at Heifer Farm by our host Liz Joseph! The cost of lunch is included in the registration cost. Refund policy:
Pre-registration is required unless arranged by phone with organizer. For more information, Glenn Oliveira, Education Events Organizer, at or 774-678-9644. Refund Policy: Refunds are given up until 10 days prior to the event minus a 15% processing fee. No refunds are provided within 10 days of event. To Join Nofa/Mass goto

When: Oct 25, 2015 9 AM to Oct 25, 2015 5 PMin Rutland, Massachusetts
Cost: 75 - 94 USD (Sun, 25 Oct 2015 09 )
Global Harvest Festival
Enjoy a festive celebration that features Heifer Farm all dressed up and ready to party! The international homesteads in the Global Village are loaded with fun activities like piatas, apple cider pressing, potato digging, bees wax candle rolling and scavenger hunts. Meet the farm animals, take a hay ride, PYO in the pumpkin patch, milk a goat, get your face painted and enjoy live music and the Dale Perkins Horse Show. Savor a farm-to-table lunch or bring a picnic. Dont miss this globally themed and one-of-a-kind fall festival! Admission: Only $10/vehicle, so guests are encouraged to fill a whole bus load! Live Music: Saturday 11-1PM: The Hip Swayers 2-4PM: The Rusty Mikes Live Music: Sunday 10-11AM: Lalla Rookh 11-1PM: Marc Mandeville and Raianne Richards 2-4PM: Chuck and Mud Scheduled Activities (all other activities are on-going) Hourly: Piatas 11-1PM: Goat Milking 1-2PM: Dale Perkins Horse Show 1-2PM: Cheese Making 2-4PM: Goat Milking

When: Oct 4, 2015 10 AM to Oct 4, 2015 4 PMin Rutland, Massachusetts
Cost: Only $10/car! (Sun, 04 Oct 2015 10 )

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